5 Luxury Upgrades for Your Wheat Ridge Home

Making upgrades to your property serves multiple purposes, such as increasing your home’s value, preparing for a sale, or altering the property, so it better suits your needs. When upgrading Wheat Ridge homes, consider these five upgrades to increase the property’s feeling of luxury. But first, here’s a look into this city’s local real estate market.

Wheat Ridge is a residential city along Denver’s western edge, with many retail centers and over 20 parks for residents to enjoy. This city is currently a seller’s market and has seen a recent dip in median days on market. Although homes only spend about 38 days on the market, the number of homes for sale has increased, and the median list price has decreased in the past year. This may be a good time for buyers in the area to begin their search.

1. Bathroom renovations

One way to make houses for sale in Wheat Ridge luxurious is to complete bathroom renovations. Make the bathroom, especially the master bathroom, an area of refuge and relaxation by adding a spa-retreat shower outfitted with a large rain shower head and a standard showerhead for extra water flow. Get decorative with a doorless or walk-in shower by tiling with high-quality materials in specific patterns or colors.

Although bathtubs aren’t as popular as walk-in showers, they can still be great additions for relaxation. Install a large tub with decorative metallic hardware, and for an extra touch, select an option with massaging jets. A luxury upgrade can also be functional with additions like built-in storage units for extra towels and belongings, brighter or adjustable lighting, vaulted ceilings, and deep vessel sinks.

2. Outdoor appeal

Increasing outdoor appeal, especially in areas like Wheat Ridge where nature offers so much to the local residents, is another option in upgrading your home. There are many options to choose from, like a large front porch, a back deck, a patio, an outdoor kitchen, or an outdoor living room. All options provide owners with more opportunities to host and socialize with guests and enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of their homes.

When creating an outdoor area, choose long-lasting materials, like treated wood or tile, that can withstand Colorado’s seasonal weather. Add a covering like a pergola for use when it rains or snows, as well as standing heaters or a fireplace for the winter months. Lighting fixtures set into walls, placed along walkways, or within ceilings are another way to ensure use at all times of the day. Also, consider outdoor kitchen additions like a built-in barbecue, a countertop, and a sink, as they increase the space’s utility by providing extra room for food preparation.

3. Building a wine room

Those who love to indulge in a glass of red or white at night or who are growing their wine collection should consider adding a wine room to their Wheat Ridge homes. Not only are wine rooms great additions for homeowners, but as the US is the largest wine-consuming country in the world, many buyers will be seriously drawn to the addition.

The design of wine cellars is drastically varied, from small, temperature-controlled rooms with racks lining the walls to large spaces featuring sitting and entertainment areas for owners and guests to enjoy the collection. Elevate the space by adding a glass or metal chandelier, leather couches, a decorative rug, or a nice wooden table. For those wanting a space for their wines without investing time in building a wine cellar, a wine fridge is a good alternative.

4. Installing heated flooring

Installing heated flooring, especially in areas with seasonal weather changes like Wheat Ridge, is a great way to increase the sense of luxury in your home. Heated flooring or radiant floor heating provides heat through the subfloor and warms the room evenly. As such, it’s also a practical investment, as you won’t have to adjust your home’s thermostat as often.

Those searching for heated flooring can choose between hydronic radiant heat and electric radiant heat. The most popular place to put these flooring types is in master bathrooms, although they make a great addition for anywhere in the home, like kitchens or basements. They also work with many different flooring types, including materials like tile, nailed hardwood, floating laminate, vinyl, and more.

5. Basement and pop tops

Other great upgrades to make to houses for sale in Wheat Ridge are ones that increase the amount of usable space within the property. Those with basements can repurpose an unorganized lower floor or storage space into a home office, a guest room, an exercise room, or a home theater, among other options. Outfit the area with high-end lighting and decorations that match the tone and style of the rest of the house for a seamless addition to your home.

For those who don’t have basements, constructing a pop-top addition is another option for increasing livable space and the property’s value. This is when the home’s roof is “popped” off to make space for a second story. Although a labor and time-intensive process, adding even a partial story provide enough space for an extra guest room, home office space, or personal library.

Already existing attic spaces also provide a great opportunity for a luxury upgrade. Attics can be transformed into a living space like basements and pop tops. If they’re smaller, then something like a home office may be a better choice. By adding a window to an attic, it can also be a great area to enjoy the views of the Rocky Mountains and the surrounding green spaces in Wheat Ridge’s several parks.

Ready to make these upgrades?

Consider these five options when deciding what upgrades to make to your home for a more luxurious feel. If you’re ready to make these upgrades on a new home or are ready to list your property in the area, contact trusted local agent Robyn Phipps to guide you through the process.